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Actor. Singer. Producer. Writer.

"I persist because I am called to create."

Chelsea MacLaren is a New York based actor who has been singing since she came out of the womb along with the rest of her family; she is the eldest of four siblings. Writing came a little later but really developed in college and now is a daily ritual she loves and craves; her journal and ball point pen are always within reach. Recently, MacLaren wrapped short film Blue Horizon written and directed by filmmaker and friend Tom Beaver; all shot remotely during quarantine. One critic described her performance as “…simply incredible. Her entire performance is electric.” She is also thrilled to announce her production company HER VISION has completed its first project, short film I Love You Too. It has just been selected in the Brightside Film Festival and has been nominated for Best Short Short! She is so excited to be a part of this event. 

Her favorite roles (so far) include Alice from Closer and Vanda Jordan from Venus in Fur.

Chelsea is always humming. The first to break out dancing when one of her favorite songs comes on. She finds strength and peace in writing and noodling on the piano. Escaping into books and plays along with drinking coffee are imperative for daily survival and joy. And she might have a teeny tiny shoe obsession... more like a major shoe obsession! But, Chelsea prides herself in being able to run pretty dang fast in four-inch heels.

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